Telling Stories

In 2010 I did a body of work that consisted of objects you would find in a desk. A messy desk where someone had sat for hours writing letters. Pens with unfinished sentences, a lighter for the cigarettes smoked, eyeglasses to bring to focus the words, the thoughts. The piece were brooches and necklaces made from silver, shibuichi, and some accents of gold. It was the body of work for my graduation show from Alchimia Scuola di Gioielleria in Florence, Italy. On June of 2010 I and eight friends finished the three year program the school offered at that time. Our exhibition was in a small gallery called Antonella Villanova right in the center of the city. The pieces were all inspired by the books I was reading, and by my daily habit of writing letters I never sent. To family, to myself, to possible lovers, to past lovers, to friends, to my island, to the things I loved.